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--- OriginaMl essage- --
To: John Lang
Sent:Tuesday April 6.2.2011 : 17P M
Subject: Rear End
Hi John,
I'm iust going through the boxes now. Absolutely beautiful John, The quality of
the workmanship,
the attention to detail, the design everything is fantastic, I'm very impressed
with what you've done.
John' I'm going to drop by the shop and show everybody this master piece of
design and function.
Don't worry, I'll be bringing it back home until everything is ready for it to be
l'll protect the design, you can be assured I won't give anybody the opportunity to copy.
l'll let you know how everybody likes it,...,.but somehow I already know what
the response will be.
Talk to you later.

Steve Music
Sent 8.9.12 1.51 PM
Hey buddy just a quick note, I have nearly finished putting this front end together
with the pieces I got of you, and its working out freaking awesome!
Thanks for all your help and advise so far with the build.
I am Freaking wrapt.

Paul Coles
Sent 20.10.12 1.57 PM
Hi John.
Altered went 7.77 perfectly straight.
Your a Freaking legend.
Its a testament to your work. Thanks Mate.

Sami Mete
Sent 6.8.13 7.55 PM
Hi John
Just want to say thank you for supplying me with your Floater kit and Brake kit.
Being a street car I was worried I couldn't meet my engineers standards but you made
it very easy for me.
The engineer was very impressed with your work and didn't hesitate to give it the tick of approval.
Basically a top product and a great price.
Thanks again John. 
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